Donating securities

For security transfers to support AVLT, please use the following instructions:

Merrill Lynch DTC #:  8862
Account Name:  Aspen Valley Land Trust
Account Number: 61Z (as in Zebra) 07073

Here’s what some supporters have to say about donating securities directly:

“Making donations to AVLT via a transfer of appreciated stock is a great way to go! It saves taxes, thus allowing us to increase the amount of our donation, and it’s easier than writing and mailing a check! You or your advisors simply identify a security on which you have had substantial appreciation, and then have your brokerage transfer your desired number of shares using instructions provided by the AVLT office. As a result, you typically never have to pay the tax on the capital gain on those shares AND you still can take a charitable deduction for the value (consult your own accountant, of course).”
– Sue Edelstein and Bill Spence

 “Consider gifting highly appreciated securities. Many donors give securities for their charitable giving rather than after-tax cash. Ideally, the security chosen would have a low cost basis and pay no dividend. Thus, the donor avoids any capital gains tax, loses nothing in the way of income, and keeps hard earned after-tax dollars that most likely are earning a return. Since the charity is not required to pay tax on the donation, this method of giving is a win-win for both parties.”
– Jonathan Fitch

For more information about donating securities, please call Suzanne at 970.963.8440

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