Colorado Gives Day

colorado gives day

Colorado Gives Day is December 10th. You can always donate to AVLT through but we especially need your support on 12/10. Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. On that day, the Community First Foundation waives all credit card fees and there is a large incentive fund to be distributed between participating non-profit groups based on giving during this 24-hour fundraising drive. You can schedule your December 10th donation in advance by following the instructions below.

You can always donate directly to AVLT through our website, click here to make a gift today and thank you for your support to our future!


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   The GREEN BUTTON above will take you directly to our donation page.


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Helpful Hint: Colorado Gives Day will give you the option to donate on “CO Gives Day”, “One Time” or “Recurring”… this is absolutely your choice, but if you are interested in applying your donation to toward the state-wide, incentivised Gives Day, click the “CO Gives Day” button to schedule your donation. It can even be done ahead of time – and the program will make the payment Dec 10th! Payments made through the site NOT occuring on December 10th will still support AVLT but will not have the benefits of those given on or scheduled for 12/10.

  Learn More about the mission and purpose of this state-wide drive.

 If you decide to explore the website a bit, instead of navigating through the GREEN BUTTON, here is a short instructional video to help you find us again!


YOU make the difference!

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