Ann Jeffrey

annAnn Jeffrey: Donating to the Future

After growing up on Air Force bases around the country, Ann Jeffrey found her home in the Roaring Fork Valley. She and a girlfriend were looking for adventure when they set off on a road trip in 1973. They landed in Aspen, and like many, Ann never left. She worked for the Aspen Skiing Co. and Stonebridge Inn before moving to Carbondale, where she now works as a personal assistant for a local estate.

“I love this part of the valley, the work ethic, the caring and warmth of the people.”

It was in drafting her will and planning for her estate that Ann decided that she didn’t want her extended family in the East to have to come try to figure out her life in Colorado after she is gone, and that what she really wanted was for her money to be used to conserve what she values – the land and heritage of the area. She elected to leave her property to Aspen Valley Land Trust in her will, and in so doing the disposition of her estate will be taken care of by AVLT and a local executor.

“My house and five acres outside of Redstone wasn’t appropriate for a conservation easement so I decided to leave the property to AVLT to sell. Then the funds will be used to conserve other land. This is my way of supporting AVLT.”

Ann has a strong affinity for open land and the Western lifestyle and is particularly interested in the conservation of ranchland.

“Every development in the center of the valley has the word “ranch” at the end of its name. They all used to be ranches,” she says. “I revere the ranch families and owners who have put their ranches into a conservation easement. I’d like to think my small effort recognizes them and their contributions.”

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