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The conservation work of Aspen Valley Land Trust is supported solely through donations and fees. AVLT receives no tax-supported or government funding. Your money is spent locally and is an investment in the future of our quality of life and that of your children and grandchildren, too.

Charitable donations to Aspen Valley Land Trust are a lasting gift to the preservation of the beauty, heritage and wildlife of our valleys. One-hundred percent of your donation is spent to conserve local land and to assure the terms of conservation agreements are enforced in perpetuity. AVLT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and charitable donations to AVLT are tax deductible.




You can honor someone special by giving a donation in their name. You will receive a letter recognizing your gift and they will receive a notice of your gift. What better way to recognize someone special than by helping conserve land and water in the mountains and valleys they love. Please be sure to send their name and address along with the donation gift so that we may let them know. Both donors and those honored will be recognized in the AVLT Annual Report.


Families often choose to designate a nonprofit whose work was important to a loved one who has passed. A memorial gift to AVLT can be a way to remember the past and make a difference in the future. Donors will be recognized in the AVLT Annual Report and will receive a letter of acknowledgement. These gifts may be tax deductible.

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Making a gift of stocks, mutual funds or bonds can provide you with a double tax benefit. When you give these types of securities to AVLT, you avoid capital gains taxes on the increased value and also receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of your gift.  More information


Passing retirement account assets to your heirs can trigger significant income taxes and estate taxes. Designating the AVLT as the beneficiary of all or a part of your retirement accounts may be a way to reduce or eliminate these tax obligations.

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When you include Aspen Valley Land Trust in your estate planning, you are making it possible for future generations to enjoy the clean water, open lands and wildlife that we experience. Your gift will assure that AVLT has the resources to honor our commitment to protect and steward lands in perpetuity. There are significant tax benefits for you and your family when a charitable gift is included in your estate plan.

Gifts to the Land Trust are not subject to gift or estate taxes. There are many ways to include the Land Trust in your estate plans. Here are a few examples of ways that others like you have chosen to make a gift to the future:


Adding a charitable bequest to your will or living trust is a simple, lasting, flexible and versatile gift that will not alter your current lifestyle. Fully deductible for estate tax purposes, it is also one of the most common forms of planned giving in which you can designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to be donated to AVLT.


This option can provide you and your family a guaranteed, fixed income annually or variably based on the value of the trust. Following your passing, a specific amount or percentage of your estate will be designated to your heirs and the remaining balance can be donated to AVLT, negating capital gains taxes.



Life insurance policies are often a tax efficient tool for supporting the conservation work of AVLT. Designating AVLT as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy deduction may reduce your estate taxes; assigning both the beneficiary designation and ownership may result in both income tax and estate tax benefits.


Donating land or a house to AVLT is a perfect way to leverage a natural resource to conserve natural resources for future generations.  It is also a way for you to receive tax benefits on the appreciated value while avoiding capital gains taxes that may result from sale of the property. AVLT accepts gifts of land to be conserved in perpetuity or gifts of property to be sold and the proceeds spent on local land conservation.

“My house and five acres outside of Redstone wasn’t appropriate for a conservation easement so I decided to leave the property to AVLT to sell. Then the funds will be used to conserve other land. This is my way of supporting AVLT” – Ann Jeffrey, supporter

Damian specified that the lot could be sold and that the proceeds from the sale would be used to further AVLT’s mission of local conservation. He received a tax deduction for the donation, which for him “was a benefit but not motivation.” – regarding Damian Clinton’s gift of a lot of Ruedi Shores


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