Dolinsek Park

Dolinsek Park

Conserved 2015

Acres: 1
Owners: Dolinsek Family
Location: City of Aspen

Dolinsek cover photo-Andrea TupyGenerations of Aspenites have tromped by the small white house and big yard on their way to Lift 1A. Since 1918, the Dolinsek family has lived in that house and last month siblings Josephine and John generously agreed to sell the parcel (with a retained life estate) to the City of Aspen for a fraction of its market value, for use as a community park. As a condition of closing, the Dolinseks requested that AVLT accept a conservation easement over the property in order to ensure that, once they are gone, it will never be used for anything but a public park and open space.

The Dolinsek property adjoins Willoughby Park and Lift 1 Park, as well has the historic Lift 1 Tower, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The City and AVLT are grateful to the Dolinseks for their vision and commitment to the community of Aspen, and are excited to work together to steward and make this property available to the public in the future. Thank you Josephine and John! Your legacy is a gift to us all.

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