Dart Ranch

Dart Ranch

Conserved 1997 and 2015

Acres: 263
Owners: Dart Family
Location: Lower River Road, Woody Creek

Dart 2008 west elks_rio grande trail 1

The Wheatley Homestead – covering 263 acres of meadows and ruddy hillsides at the mouth of Snowmass Canyon – was first ranched in 1899. At the time there was no Highway 82, no Lower River Road, and the beloved Rio Grande Trail, which runs through the heart of property, was still a railroad. Peter and Janneli Dart acquired the ranch in 1960 and, along with their children, Mari, J, Paul and Will, made the monumental decision to protect it forever in 1997 by granting a conservation easement to AVLT and Pitkin County. Despite the protections of the easement, changes continued to unfold – from the four-laning of Highway 82 to the construction of the Rio Grande Trail, which drastically increased visitation to this area. Additionally, public fishing access was provided along the Roaring Fork and Wheatley Gulch was opened to hikers.

On January 7, Pitkin County purchased the west 105 acres of the property to better steward the public fishing access on the Roaring Fork and hiking in Wheatley Gulch, and eliminate the potential for a massive house in the meadow. Meanwhile, AVLT continues to hold conservation easements over the entire property, and the Dart family still owns 158 acres including the historic Wheatley Schoolhouse and Arbaney farmhouse. They have listed the parcel for sale with the knowledge that the easement will continue to protect its important habitat, ranching history, and scenic views that dominate the Snowmass Canyon stretch of the Rio Grande Trail.

2008 Dart monitoring photo

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