Save Red Hill

Community comes together to protect Carbondale’s iconic red rock experience

In 2017, AVLT partnered with the Town of Carbondale to permanently protect a privately owned and commercially zoned 25 acre property at the base of Red Hill in Carbondale. Between November 2017 and March 2018, you helped us raise $1.35 million to save Red Hill.

The private land at the base of Red Hill is very visible as you enter and leave Carbondale. It was also commercially zoned and for sale at a reduced price. The iconic entrance to Carbondale could have easily featured mini-storage or a convenience store. But thanks to you, Carbondale’s prominent red rock face will always be scenic and welcoming.

The project will also create better public access and improve the Red Hill experience. The Carbondale community has had a long-standing interest in addressing the dangerous and unpleasant jumble of trail users and vehicles along County Road 107. We have heard plenty of stories of near misses between cars, bikes, pedestrians and pets. Thanks to you, new trail connections to the BLM’s Red Hill Recreation Area will reduce these conflicts and improve the Red Hill experience for everyone.




To create better access to trails.


To improve the Red Hill experience.


To keep Red Hill scenic and welcoming.


Thank you!

Your massive outpouring of support saved Red Hill in less than five months. People from up and down the valley stepped up and contributed $1.35 million to fund the project. Special thanks to the Ruth H. Brown Foundation, Alpenglow Foundation, Abigail Wexner, Town of Carbondale, Garfield County, Pitkin County, Red Hill Neighbors, Ruth Pfleider, Jeff Bier & Coldwell Banker Mason Morse, Nancy Quisenberry, and the Red Hill Council for helping lift this project into reality.



Volunteers helped build new hiking trails

In mid-2018, AVLT transferred ownership of the property to the Town of Carbondale to allow for public use. In May and June of 2018, the Town led a public planning process to design the new trail connections. The community response strongly favored the addition of three new trail alignments to connect the base of Red hill to the existing trail network (click map below).

RHTrailDesignMap courtesy of DHM Design and Singletrack Trails.

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