Land Protection


w-t ranchFor almost 50 years, Aspen Valley Land Trust has been working with private landowners to secure the future of their land. For most landowners, that future includes planning for retirement, estate planning, and a deep-felt commitment to the land and the future of the area.

Most landowners who work with AVLT place a conservation easement on their property. The easement limits future development and certain high-impact uses, while providing immediate tax benefits, including a federal tax deduction and a Colorado tax credit that can be converted into cash. The easement restrictions remain in place even if the land is sold or passed on to future generations.

Other landowners concerned about the future of their land and the local landscape, choose to place a conservation easement on their property and then bequeath it to AVLT to be sold, and the money used for additional local conservation. In those cases, the conservation restrictions that landowners created also remain on the land in perpetuity.

Still other landowners have property or homes that may not be appropriate for conservation but they want to make a lasting contribution to the people and natural heritage of the area. Those property owners have named AVLT as the beneficiary of their property in their will with the stipulation that it can be sold and the money used to further land conservation locally.

AVLT has worked with more than 160 local landowners to help them secure the future of their land. Along the way, we have worked with specialists in all areas of real estate law, tax law, financial planning and estate planning.

Whatever your particular situation or plans, AVLT staff is available to discuss options and, with a team of legal and financial professionals, help you explore the options for the future that best suit your needs.

We look forward to working with you.


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