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Is your land part of your family’s history, your heritage, your story? Is your land in your blood? Is it your home? Do you want to protect your special place to ensure it will be here now and for future generations? We are here to help you reach your and your family’s conservation goals.

In the Colorado and Roaring Fork River valleys, with deep agricultural roots, brilliant landscapes, abundant wildlife, productive lands, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a healthy western heritage, we continue to experience rapid population growth. While growth in our region can have many benefits, the impact to our land and way of life is significant. We can all work to find a balance to ensure there will always be a place to call home and connect to. Together, we can protect the future of the places you love even after your ownership comes to an end.

You can make a difference. Your land can become part of your legacy- something to be treasured for generations to come.

We are the oldest land trust in Colorado. As a trusted local land conservation organization, we have had the honor of working with landowners to protect over 40,000 acres of important and special land since 1967. Land conservation is a partnership between you and us. We would be honored to talk with you about the vision you have for your property and the various conservation options available to you.

AVLT offers a permanent land protection option, through generations of landowners, using the tool of a conservation easement. Permanent protection of your land leaves a legacy for our children and the future. A conservation easement on your land today means that the generations of hard work and care that have gone into your family’s land are available in the future. Conservation easements can help to assure continued family ownership and your family’s legacy. In the state of Colorado, the donation of a conservation easement to a certified land trust can potentially generate financial benefits, including a federal tax deduction and a Colorado tax credit that can be converted into cash. The easement restrictions remain in place even if the land is sold or passed on to future generations.

Whatever your particular situation or plans, AVLT staff is available to discuss options and help you explore your goals for your land.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact Aspen Valley Land Trust today.


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