Land Management

what is land management?

With over 160 landowner relationships to maintain, our staff strives to be a resource to owners of conservation properties by fielding inquiries, providing natural resources expertise and information, responding to requests, and working to remedy any compliance issues. We are here to be a resource for you after the ink has dried on your easement document.

AVLT staff work with landowners to respond to inquiries and project requests related to land use changes on protected properties. As needed, our staff, board, and legal advisors evaluate such project requests from a legal perspective, as well as how they align with scenic, wildlife, community and ranching values. Recognizing that each conservation easement, landowner, and property is unique, the thoughtful interpretation of each easement in response to these project requests helps clarify a landowner’s reserved rights to land use changes from those that were voluntarily relinquished through the terms of the conservation easement.

Each year as we travel to each conservation property for our in-person visits with landowners, we renew our mutual commitment with each landowner partner to safeguard the conservation values of their land.

After AVLT accepts a conservation easement, we are legally required to visit each protected property to observe and document changes through time, and build long-term relationships with the landowners of these properties. In nearly every case, we have the opportunity to connect with landowners of conservation properties in person – offering opportunities to observe what is happening on the ground, and engage in discussions about stewardship matters. Monitoring visits are not intended to intrude upon the landowner’s privacy but to ensure that the terms of the easement agreement are satisfied. Landowners will be notified in advance and may be present during the visit if desired. Afterward, the landowner will receive a copy of the report and will have the opportunity to review it for accuracy.

In order to carry out our perpetual monitoring and stewardship obligations, AVLT maintains a sizeable fund dedicated to the stewardship and defense of our easements as well as being members of the conservation defense insurance program, Terrafirma.


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