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 about avlt

Aspen Valley Land Trust’s mission is to permanently preserve open lands for agriculture, wildlife habitat, scenic enjoyment and recreation in the greater Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys. Since 1967 AVLT has worked with private landowners and partners to conserve almost 40,000 acres, approximately 60 square miles, of spectacular lands. But conserving land is only the beginning. AVLT’s legal and ethical commitment to stewarding and enforcing the terms of conservation easements lasts forever – just like the commitment that all of us must have to assure that our fresh air, clean water, local food supplies, views and wildlife thrive long beyond our lifetimes.

Aspen Valley Land Trust is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization guided in decision-making by volunteer members of the Board of Directors and our work is supported by charitable contributions.


As the oldest land trust in the State of Colorado, Aspen Valley Land Trust is an acknowledged leader in the conservation community. AVLT is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission and certified by the State of Colorado.

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AVLT map for website

AVLT’s service area – areas in red are permanently conserved;
areas in white are private lands; areas in green and brown are federal and state owned lands.

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